Images of Treasures

Welcome to my gallery of chainmaille treasures!

Below you will see a variety of pieces I have made. If there is a piece you want, or if you want me to make something custom for you, please check out my Shop page.


allthethings2 abagsdice2 allthethings3 allthethings3 allthethings4 allthethings4 allthethings5 allthethings5 allthethings6 allthethings6

Large BagsBack to the Top

abagsdice abagsdice baglargeeverycolor2 baglargeeverycolor2 bagl1b bagl1b bagl2b bagl2b bagl3b bagl3b bagl6b bagl6b bagl7a bagl7a bagl7b bagl7b bagl9b bagl9b bagl10b bagl10b bagl11b bagl11b bagl13b bagl13b bagl16 bagl16 bagl17a bagl17a

Medium BagsBack to the Top

abagsmediumwallet abagsmediumwallet bagm1a bagm1a bagm1b bagm1b bagm3b bagm3b bagm5b bagm5b bagm8b bagm8b bagm9b bagm9b

Small BagsBack to the Top

abagssmallmany abagssmallmany bags10b bags10b bags2b bags2b bags2c bags2c bags3b bags3b bags4b bags4b bags5b bags5b bags6b bags6b bags7b bags7b bags8b bags8b bags9b bags9b bagsmallopen bagsmallopen

BookmarksBack to the Top

abookmarkassortment abookmarkassortment abookmarksmylittlepony abookmarksmylittlepony abookmarkxinabook abookmarkxinabook book2a book2a book3a book3a book5b book5b book9a book9a book10a book10a book11a book11a book12a book12a book13a book13a book14a book14a book15a book15a book16a book16a book17a book17a book18a book18a book42a book42a book44a book44a book45a book45a bookmarkbyzantine2 bookmarkbyzantine2

Bottle CharmsBack to the Top

abottlecharmsall1 abottlecharmsall1 bottlecharmdice1 bottlecharmdice1 bottlecharmdice2 bottlecharmdice2 bottlecharmnecklace bottlecharmnecklace bottlecharms bottlecharms bottlecharmsand1 bottlecharmsand1 bottlecharmsand2 bottlecharmsand2 bottlecharmsandy bottlecharmsandy bottlecharmsglitter bottlecharmsglitter bottlecharmsglow bottlecharmsglow bottlecharmsmisc bottlecharmsmisc bottlecharmsrainbow bottlecharmsrainbow

BraceletsBack to the Top

abraceletassortment abraceletassortment abracelets1 abracelets1 abracelets2 abracelets2 abracelets6 abracelets6 alligator1 alligator1 alligator2 alligator2 alligatorbracelets alligatorbracelets br1a br1a br2a br2a br4a br4a br5a br5a br6a br6a br7aglow br7aglow br8a br8a br15aglow br15aglow br25a br25a br26a br26a br27a br27a br28a br28a br29a br29a br30aglow br30aglow br31a br31a br32a br32a br33aglow br33aglow br34a br34a

Cat EarsBack to the Top

catearsblue catearsblue catearsbrown catearsbrown catearsgreen catearsgreen catearspurple catearspurple

Cat EarsBack to the Top

d20all1 d20all1 d201a d201a d201b d201b

DreamcatchersBack to the Top

dream1 dream1 dream2 dream2 dream3 dream3 dream4 dream4 dream5 dream5 dream6 dream6 dream7 dream7 dream8 dream8 dream9 dream9 dream10 dream10 dream11 dream11 dream12 dream12 dream13 dream13 dream14 dream14 dream15 dream15 dream16 dream16 dream17 dream17 dream18 dream18 dream19 dream19 dream20 dream20 dream21 dream21 dream22 dream22 dream23 dream23 dream24 dream24 dream25 dream25 dream26 dream26 dream27 dream27 dream28 dream28 dream29 dream29

Earrings - Weave & DragonscaleBack to the Top

aearringsdragonscalemany aearringsdragonscalemany aearringsmany aearringsmany
earringsdragonscalecloseup earringsdragonscalecloseup earringsglitter earringsglitter eard1 eard1 eard2 eard2 eard3 eard3 eard4 eard4 eard5 eard5 eard6 eard6 eard7 eard7 eard8 eard8 eard9 eard9 eard10 eard10 eard11 eard11 eard12 eard12 eard13 eard13 eard14 eard14 eard15 eard15 eard33 eard33

aearringsshaggymobiuscloseup aearringsshaggymobiuscloseup aearringsshortdiamond aearringsshortdiamond ears1a ears1a ears2a ears2a ears3b ears3b ears4 ears4 ears5 ears5 ears6a ears6a earw1 earw1 earw2 earw2 earw3b earw3b earw4 earw4 earw5 earw5 earw6a earw6a earw7 earw7 earw8 earw8 earw9a earw9a earw17 earw17 earw18 earw18 earw19 earw19 earw20 earw20 earw21a earw21a earw22 earw22 earw23 earw28 earw28


Hacky Sacks/Stress BallsBack to the Top

 ahacky1 ahacky1  hacky1a hacky1a  hacky1b hacky1b  hacky2 hacky2  hacky3 hacky3  hacky4 hacky4  hacky5 hacky5  hacky6 hacky6  hacky7 hacky7  hacky8 hacky8  hacky9 hacky9  hacky10 hacky10  hacky11 hacky11  hacky12a hacky12a  hacky12b hacky12b  hacky13a hacky13a  hacky13b hacky13b  hacky14 hacky14  hacky15 hacky15  hacky16 hacky16

HairclipsBack to the Top

hairclip1 hairclip1 hairclip2 hairclip2 hairclip3 hairclip3 hairclip4 hairclip4 hairclip5 hairclip5 hairclip6 hairclip6 hairclip7 hairclip7 hairclip8 hairclip8 hairclip9 hairclip9 hairclip10 hairclip10

HairsticksBack to the Top

hairw1a hairw1a hairw1b hairw1b hairw2a hairw2a hairw3a hairw3a hairw4a hairw4a hairw5a hairw5a hairw6a hairw6a hairw7a hairw7a hairw8a hairw8a hairw9a hairw9a hairw10a hairw10a hairw10c hairw10c hairw11a hairw11a hairw12a hairw12a hairw13a hairw13a hairw13c hairw13c hairw14a hairw14a hairw14c hairw14c hairw15a hairw15a

HeadbandsBack to the Top

aheadband1mlp aheadband1mlp aheadbands2 aheadbands2 aheadbands3 aheadbands3 head1b head1b head2b head2b head3b head3b head5b head5b head7b head7b head9b head9b head10b head10b head11b head11b head13b head13b head14b head14b head15b head15b head16b head16b head17b head17b head18b head18b head19b head19b head20b head20b head21b head21b head22b head22b head23b head23b head24b head24b head25b head25b

Infinity Rose BraceletsBack to the Top

ainfinityallofthem ainfinityallofthem infinityautumn infinityautumn infinitybestfriends infinitybestfriends infinityconfetti infinityconfetti infinityfieldofflowers infinityfieldofflowers infinitynicolesspecialty infinitynicolesspecialty infinityoceanbeach infinityoceanbeach infinitypinksville infinitypinksville infinitysoftwaters infinitysoftwaters infinitysummerrainbow infinitysummerrainbow infinitysunrise infinitysunrise infinitysunset infinitysunset infinitywaterskies infinitywaterskies

Jelly CubesBack to the Top

jellycubegroup jellycubegroup jellycube9a jellycube9a jellycube9b jellycube9b jellycube1a jellycube1a jellycube1b jellycube1b jellycube2 jellycube2 jellycube3 jellycube3 jellycube4 jellycube4 jellycube5 jellycube5 jellycube6 jellycube6 jellycube7 jellycube7 jellycube8 jellycube8 jellycubedicea1 jellycubedicea1 jellycubedicea2 jellycubedicea2 jellycubedicea3 jellycubedicea3 jellycubedicea4 jellycubedicea4 jellycubedicea5 jellycubedicea5 jellycubedicea6a jellycubedicea6a jellycubedicea6b jellycubedicea6b jellycubediceb3 jellycubediceb3 jellycubediceb5 jellycubediceb5 jellycubeprocess jellycubeprocess

KeychainsBack to the Top

akeychains1 akeychains1 akeychains2 akeychains2 keychainboxweave keychainboxweave keychainsboxmany keychainsboxmany keychainshalfpersianmany keychainshalfpersianmany keychainslabelsx keychainslabelsx keychainsmobiusmany1 keychainsmobiusmany1 keychainsmobiusmany2 keychainsmobiusmany2 plushnerdkeychains1 plushnerdkeychains1

Lanyards (will be made to order only)Back to the Top

alanyardsallcolors alanyardsallcolors lanyard1a lanyard1a lanyard2a lanyard2a lanyard3a lanyard3a lanyard4a lanyard4a lanyard5a lanyard5a lanyard6a lanyard6a lanyard7a lanyard7a lanyard8a lanyard8a lanyard9a lanyard9a lanyard10a lanyard10a lanyard11a lanyard11a lanyard12a lanyard12a lanyard13c lanyard13c lanyard14a lanyard14a lanyard15a lanyard15a lanyard16a lanyard16a lanyard17a lanyard17a lanyard18a lanyard18a lanyard19a lanyard19a lanyardeverycolor1 lanyardeverycolor1

NecklacesBack to the Top

necklaces necklaces necklacebirdsnest necklacebirdsnest

Cabochon NecklacesBack to the Top

acabochonnecklaceas3 acabochonnecklaceas3 acabochonnecklaces2 acabochonnecklaces2 acabochonnecklaces4 acabochonnecklaces4 cabochon1 cabochon1 cabochon2 cabochon2 necklacec1asu necklacec1asu necklacec2bsu necklacec2bsu necklacec3bsu necklacec3bsu necklacec4agf necklacec4agf necklacec5asw necklacec5asw necklacec7bsw necklacec7bsw necklacec8bst necklacec8bst necklacec9bst necklacec9bst necklacec10bst necklacec10bst necklacec11bbatman necklacec11bbatman necklacec12aca necklacec12aca necklacec13bdeadpool necklacec13bdeadpool necklacec14bdw necklacec14bdw necklacec15bzelda necklacec15bzelda necklacec16azelda necklacec16azelda necklacec17bWW necklacec17bWW necklacec18bPokemon necklacec18bPokemon necklacec19bValor necklacec19bValor necklacec20bInstinct necklacec20bInstinct necklacec21bmystic necklacec21bmystic necklacec22bfluttershy necklacec22bfluttershy necklacec23brainbow necklacec23brainbow necklacec24btwilight necklacec24btwilight necklacec25btwilight necklacec25btwilight necklacec26btwilight necklacec26btwilight necklacec27brarity necklacec27brarity necklacec28brarity necklacec28brarity necklacec29bpinkie necklacec29bpinkie necklacec30bpinkie necklacec30bpinkie necklacec31bapple necklacec31bapple necklacec32bluna necklacec32bluna necklacec33adaring necklacec33adaring necklacec34bravenclaw necklacec34bravenclaw necklacec35bravenclaw necklacec35bravenclaw necklacec36bravenclaw necklacec36bravenclaw necklacec37bslytherin necklacec37bslytherin necklacec38bhufflepuff necklacec38bhufflepuff necklacec39bhufflepuff necklacec39bhufflepuff necklacec40bgryffindor necklacec40bgryffindor

Rings (Jewelry)Back to the Top

ringjewelry1 ringjewelry1 ringjewelry2 ringjewelry2

Other Chainmaille Items (Inlays, Custom pieces, etc.) Prices varyBack to the Top

Bracers Bracers Purse Purse Purse Purse Inlays (Examples) Inlays (Examples) Dangos Dangos

Weaves Back to the Top

bookmarkweaveslabeled bookmarkweaveslabeled braceletweaveslabeled braceletweaveslabeled earringweaveslabeled earringweaveslabeled weavelabels weavelabels

Rings Rings and Dragonscales Back to the Top

colorsdragonscale colorsdragonscale colorsrings colorsrings ringscontainer ringscontainer colorsrubberrings colorsrubberrings pileofrings pileofrings ringstorage ringstorage ringswide ringswide