How I got started:

I attended my second GenCon convention in August 2012. The convention has tons and tons of classes, including one that focused on chainmaille dice bags. Unfortunately, that class was filled and I was not able to attend. I bitterly decided that I'd just order rings and make a bag on my own. Things spiraled from there. At first, I made dice bags as Christmas gifts for my family. They loved the bags, and I loved making them. Once I mastered bags, I decided to venture into jewelry. My family and friends have been supportive and were the ones who inspired me to make and sell my pieces. I came up with the business name, made a Facebook page, registered my business, and got a business license (not necessarily in that order). As my chainmaille addiction grew, I wanted to make other things that were pratical, but not jewelry, such as bags in different sizes, lanyards, bookmarks, etc. This is what I try to focus on now as the market is flooded with custom jewelry pieces (which are beautiful, but I like to be unique).

A little bit about me:

I grew up in Yorktown, VA and graduated from Grafton High School in 2001. From there, I went to James Madison University where I got a degree in Integrated Science and Technology (environmental science). Unfortunatly, I got my first job when the economy was about to crash and was laid off. I quickly got another job in the agriculture field which I've been at for over 11 years now. I currently live in Northern Virginia with my husband, 2 cats, and 3 kids.

Though I don't like being a girly girl, I do love crafts. Besides chainmaille, I also like to cross-stitch, scrapbook, drawing, make custom cards, etc. Non-craft intrests include playing/watching my husband play a variety of video games, board/card games (thus going to GenCon ;) ), anime, hiking, being a geek, playing Pokemon Go, etc. My ultimate dream is to be a writer, but other life stuff takes up my time, so my current novel is sitting on the back burner (but it will get published one day!).

Chainmaille is not my real job. In order to live in Northern Virginia, and raise 3 kids, you have to work! My real job involves working with farmers and helping improve the Chesapeake Bay. This brings me to my other huge interest, protecting the environment. Even though I'd love to stay at home and do crafts all day and write, I love what I do.